If you are struggling with mental and emotional wellbeing and require support through these difficulties, you may benefit from psychological therapy. Psychological therapy is provided online, and can be accessed in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Non-diving issues that are impacting on psychological/behavioural or physical fitness-to-dive

For people that would like to scuba dive, or progress further in diving, and are experiencing barriers to diving or training.  For example:

  • Mental health concerns (e.g. excessive and problematic anxiety, low mood & depression).
  • Chronic stress & burnout
  • Confidence & esteem issues
  • Lifestyle concerns, (e.g. physical fitness and diet, poor sleep)

Support or therapy following a diving incident:

  • Underwater panic with significant impact
  • Distressing equipment problem
  • Responding to problems: out-of-air / entrapment / entanglement / rapid ascent
  • Coping with distressing or traumatic diving incidents

For information about fees, go to “How it works”.