If you are struggling with a difficulty, getting stuck and not sure what to do next, then it may be helpful to book one or two online appointments to assess the issue and create a plan.

This may be useful for divers looking for support with mental health issues, or other problems that are a barrier to diving. Alternatively, it may be that there is a specific scuba diving concern you would like support with and have been unable to address with your instructor. For example:

  • Anxiety or nervousness 
  • Specific fears
  • Significant trouble with particular scuba diving skills (e.g. mask)
  • Difficulty regulating stress reactions
  • Distressing thoughts
  • Underwater panic 
  • Responding to problems: out-of-air / entrapment / rapid ascent
  • Coping with distressing or traumatic diving incidents

PLEASE NOTE: This service is for psychological guidance, information and skills training.  Clearly, it is neither possible nor advisable, to offer scuba diving instruction online.  For training and diving, you will need to seek your local instructor.

The following is likely to apply in most cases:

1. Seek a medical opinion regarding your fitness-to-dive from your own doctor. If necessary, consult a doctor with dive medicine expertise.

2. If you are fit-to-dive, seek the services of a scuba diving instructor to support your dive skills development.

For information about fees, go to “How it works”.