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The first post-lockdown dives of summer 2020

The first post-lockdown dives of summer 2020

14th July 2020

Knowing (or rather not knowing) the risks around Covid 19 and it’s potential implications for scuba diving, like a lot of divers I’ve been pretty cautious about going out for a dive. So, following all the advice to stay home and protect each other, I focused on my work and offering PADI Psychological Diver online. […]

Doing the PADI Psychological Diver course during lock-down

Doing the PADI Psychological Diver course during lock-down

11th May 2020

I wrote PADI Psychological Diver in 2015, and created the elearning in 2016. It’s always been that students take the elearning, and then (to receive the PADI certification) must attend in person for the classroom session or optional dives. The course can be completed “dry”. For years divers have contacted me from all over the […]

Does self-isolation feel like a never-ending decompression stop?

Does self-isolation feel like a never-ending decompression stop?

6th April 2020

A rare guest post, thoughtfully provided by Yvonne Press, Dark Horizon Diving. Yvonne is a TDI Instructor Trainer and Technical Diving Instructor who offers bespoke technical diving and courses in North-East of Bali. Presently following the measures for Covid-19, in this post Yvonne passes the time with a little bit of philosophizing … I regularly […]

Course Reviews

I always thought deep breathing meant a big breath. When I started thinking about it, it just caused stress since my buoyancy and trim would change when taking a big breath. This course gives a clear explanation about the actual deep breathing and how to practice it in your daily life, so you don’t have to worry about it while diving. – Charlotte

Deep Breathing in Scuba Diving

An excellent course presenting the important psychological aspects and influencing factors on diving. In my opinion this should be considered much more in diving training as it is done today, because especially diving tends to produce many situations, which cannot be handled solely by physical abilities. There are a lot of feelings and thoughts involved, especially fear, stress, overload of tasks, but also euphoria, wellness and relief. All in all I think the psychlogical aspects affect much more, whether someone enjoys diving or not. I am very happy I took this course, even if it was, due to the geographical distance to scotland, without any practical experience. So please keep on doing this, Laura! – Rolf

Psychology for Scuba Divers

Insightful and relevant, a must do course for all divers!

Lots to relate to here and a great overall look at the way panic manifests itself and how to manage it. This is relevant to all divers irrespective of experience and has some very important lessons and tools. All divers should take this course! – Faye

Prevent Panic in Scuba Diving